We at ZIS believe that ‘Student learning’ is at the core of the school's mission and strategic plan. Since students' learning needs vary, and learning is most successful in a highly-supportive environment in which teachers, students, parents, and community work closely and harmoniously together, it is essential to focus attention on plans for improving student learning at each school. In developing and implementing these plans, school staff must work closely with parents, community members and, where appropriate, students.

The strategic plan is designed to monitor the school improvement process and results.

A positive impact on student learning means promoting the continuous achievement of the learning goals and essential academic learning requirements, and the achievement of non-academic growth in areas like public speaking, leadership, interpersonal relationship skills, team work, self-confidence and resiliency, so that students can meet the goals of basic education system: to become responsible citizens, to contribute to their own economic well-being and that of their families and communities, and to enjoy productive and satisfying lives.

We strive for educational equity factors including gender, race, ethnicity, culture, language and physical and mental ability; Use of technology; Parent and community involvement; and other factors identified by the school for inclusion in the plan or process.

To establish and maintain a student growth and 21st century literacy accountability system which prepares the students to be career and college ready Identify, monitor, and support the effective implementation of common instructional practices within classrooms.

Establish instructional target of reaching all students through effective core instruction.

We present this Strategic Plan for Continued Excellence as our commitment to provide quality education for all ZISians. This plan is the road map for achieving our goals. We recognize that ensuring high academic achievement for all students, raising expectations for accountability, accelerating  the  path  to  excellence,  aligning resource  allocation and strengthening  relationships  with  our  community and  families  requires  effective  strategies, transparent outcomes and time to ensure success.

We shall use this plan to target our partnerships, focus with us and hold us accountable.. While certain factors – such as state and federal mandates, our financial landscape and our organizational capacity – will affect our ability to implement this plan, we stand committed. This plan outlines the work we need to do, and it is the work we will do.”