Education is that which sets oneself free from internal and external influence alike. This true ideal of education needs to be restored and fulfilled. Our next generation deserve the best so that they can learn, earn, share, contribute and create in the best possible way. This grand task cannot be fulfilled in the current degree and marks centric education system.

      ZIS will serve as an ideal Foundation to guide, mentor and train our next generation and equip them academically, vocationally, socially, competitively and morally so that they understand their calibre, express and make their own mark in the global village and live with peace, prosperity, justice and harmony. ZIS will provide a platform for all students to prove their potential in their journey from K.G. to P.G.

         I have full faith that under the enlightened guidance of luminous advisors, visionary management, trained, committed staff, goodwill and cooperation of trusting parents, inspiration drawn from the contribution of children, ZIS Surat will shine as a world class alternative in the educational horizon.