Inspirational Library Design

Your school library design needs to inspire students, filling them with a thirst for knowledge and understanding. A school library or learning resource centre plays a crucial part in the education of students. We are in the age of digital collaboration and independent working, but the school library is still a vital hub within the school – a space to find a secluded and peaceful spot to concentrate, or work quietly with peers.

Fact-finding or fiction? The choice is yours

Your school library space should be an inspirational and stimulating place to study, yet quiet enough to concentrate and read. A range of learning zones within your library will help to facilitate all styles of learning. From comfortable group seating, to individual work-pods and silent reading corners, you will need to ensure that your new library design offers choice and ownership to the students.

By implementing a choice of furniture items in your library, you will facilitate a number of activities. Libraries in this day and age are much more than just reading spaces. Digital information needs to be accommodated. In many school, student already have their own laptops or tablets, making way for a more creative approach to library design.

Innovative library design

Our experienced school library design team will help you create a library space that nurtures your students curiosity and helps them to find inspiration from books and digital resources alike. We combine comfortable library seating, flexible furniture configurations and intelligent space planning to create a stunning space that will be enjoyed by both staff and students.

We will also pay attention to the finer details like signage, lighting and acoustics, giving you a complete library solution that will set your school apart. If your school library is not already on the prospective parent’s school tour then it soon will be!